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LifeSciences Technology can help you turn your visions into realities and your challenges into opportunities…whether you are inventing new products or reinventing your company.

Corporate Consulting - We leverage decades of business experience in the medical device industry to provide thought-provoking advice and strategic viewpoints that help executives uncover insightful and practical solutions to everyday leadership challenges.

Invention Development - We help you transform your healthcare ideas into marketable, and ultimately profitable new inventions. We can help facilitate the entire development process from rough sketches to formal drawings and viable plans, as well as prototyping, lab testing, validation, human studies, patent searches and submissions, FDA and/or ISO submissions, marketing, presentations, licensing, manufacturing, sales and promotion.

Intellectual Property & Patents - Today I.P. has taken on a new meaning and it's about building value. We understand the enormous economic potential and value of patents and intellectual property. LifeSciences Technology helps you to navigate, develop and deploy patent strategies for competitive advantage.

Prototype Testing - Necessity may be the mother of invention, but great ideas require expert guidance to be delivered successfully. Our knowledgeable professional team has experience in all stages of product development, so we know how to take your idea from initial drawings to prototype through the laboratory testing and validation so crucial in the healthcare industry.

Marketing & Distribution - We put doctors in reach of industry by finding a suitable business partner and/or starting a company. We provide creative marketing advice to leverage media, along with networking and educational connections to the right marketplace. And, we can fast-forward products already in progress and provide access to critical financing.

Jon Garito is the founder and CEO of LifeSciences Technology, Inc. (LST). The company’s primary mission is two-fold: help doctors develop their inventions into exciting, marketable new products and assist corporate medical industry executives with strategic management initiatives.

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